High Touch Biz Intensive

A custom deep dive for soul aligned female leaders ready to accelerate their business and welcome abundance now.

Yes! I want this!

“We are living in a new economic paradigm where your purpose driven business has the opportunity to grow exponentially now - not in 5 years. No longer do you have to wait to achieve X amount, or have impacted X number of clients. You simply need to decide and commit that this is the level you want to play at and know that your mission is large and powerful. I am so grounded that we as conscious leaders are here to experience financial freedom. We chose to be courageous in this lifetime by birthing a business that runs deep in the depth of our soul and has an immense story behind it. Your business impacts the collective consciousness and is so deserving."

A note to soul aligned women who choose to live from Elevated frequencies

You have taken a huge leadership role of self and of others.

Your continuous commitment to the deep work of choosing to gain clarity, embrace change and create momentum consistently in your business and life is admirable.

As female entrepreneurs we think ‘taking the leap’ is the hard step; and yes I commend you for having the courage to live out your dream but guess what an even ballsier step is: to level up at every stage in entrepreneurship.

Identifying when you are operating from your comfort zone and clearly being asked for more by the universe is pivotal to your growth. That said, life happens and you may very well have seen weeks and months pass you by and continue to see delays to achieving your desired success.

This is when you start to get real honest with what is not working in your business and in your life:

β€£ Are you in need of 1/1 attention and guidance for your business direction? Can you allow yourself to take up more space and share your gifts at a wider scale?

β€£ Have you plateaued in income and creativity? Are you overdue for an injection of fresh energy into your business?

β€£ Have you invested more in programs then what you are making? Are you ready to flip that?

β€£ Are you operating from a scarcity mindset and want to shift to an elevated wealth consciousness? YAS please!

I need this


You are the creator of your own reality and I am here to support you in getting it done.

The thing is:

  • Many of you are juggling your 9-to-5, your side business and waiting to reach X amount so you can make the jump to a full time operation - the one you sit daydreaming and know it’s just a matter of time. 

  • You are shifting from an IRL business model to the digital landscape and ready to diversify your portfolio set. Or you have a product based business and finally ready to introduce your services to your community cause they are ready for your epicness.

  • You work endless hours on weeknights and weekends and are making money but not enough to make a dent to all the amount of online courses and group coaching you have invested in. 

  • You recently feel SUPER overwhelmed and distracted, handling all the areas of a soulpreneur lifestyle and thinking that all I have to do is grow my following and the money will surely roll in year 2 and 3. 

I get it! 

The life of an entrepreneur is one of a rollercoaster, filled with uncertainty and ebbs and flows.

Well, what if I told you that in a world with so many distractions, comparison and choices, that all we need to do is simplify, curate solutions and architect a custom strategy.

I know! “Jenn, I don’t have time to get organized, build a plan that I will never look at and well, social media alone takes up 70% of my time. How can it all get done?”

Yes, GF it’s going to take some serious mindset shifts combined with kick ass business acumen from yours truly.

Honestly, the issue is ‘finding the time’ to be proactive and work from a CEO vantage point - well in my High Touch Intensives - we do just that. Invest in focused strategy sessions.

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Are you ready? Cause that’s the only thing stopping you from achieving all your dreams - is you.


I created my High Touch Business Intensives because I know you are a real busy woman trying to build success everyday and literally delaying the key areas of your business because it takes too much time, it’s “too hard” or I just don’t have the time. 

And for many of you, you simply cannot take 5-6 months in yet another business program that will repeat the same strategies with a different flavor for you to implement and test. 

You are extremely motivated and clear on your soul mission and can pretty much craft the long term vision of your brand. 

That’s why I offer my High Touch Business Intensive with you in mind. Where we literally hone in on your current state and bridge the gap to where you desire to be. Period. A clear runway for you.



In Her Words...

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Main Areas of Focus

We get real on 3 main areas of your business. Strategy, Marketing and Technology.

These key areas are the foundation that drive your business forward - with a huge dose of reality on your existing belief systems that are running your business current operations. I have seen it all and the mirror I am going to display back to you will increase your awareness to make a conscious decision that can change the trajectory of your business. Remember you are the brand, the energy and the lifeline of your business. 

Invest in a partnership that has eyes on your business and your energetic being. I am here to elevate your business consciousness so that you can truly be seated where you belong Goddess. There is nothing like having a custom game plan that is structured and grounded but flexible enough for you to inject your intuitive guidance. Once you adopt this way of operating, you can stand confidently in your business, finally making an impact at a grander scale. 

Do not fear the next level you and the next level business. You were divinely created for this. 

If you are ready to step into elevated wealth consciousness and CEO mindset that allows for dream soul aligned clients, programs that light you up and experiences that flow to you effortlessly, then I invite you to join me in my High Touch Business Intensive. 

It takes inspired action, critical mindset shifts + an endless supply of high vibe energy to build the clarity and momentum you desire.


If I am being honest with you, you need an expert that builds a plan that is customized, that is different from online courses and group programs that are a catch all. You need a strategy that is customized to your business.

Hello, I'm Jenn

I am a Business Strategist turned Business Coach and Creator of She Vibes High, a platform for female activation. I support you in custom strategy development to uplevel your business so that you obtain the sales and revenue that you desire. I am ready to show you what you are truly made of.

Whether you are at the start up stage or are already profitable, I help you amplify your capacity to receive and truly become the boss of your life and business. I am on a mission to have conscious leaders like yourself, claim your gifts and life experiences to fuel and monetize an intentional online business. The new economic paradigm has arrived and you are ready to fully embrace it.

As a former Senior Marketing Director leading Digital Engagements for Financial Services and Technology firms in high powered NYC with over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, I know what it takes to build a sustainable, profitable business that fuels your passion rather than depletes it.


I look forward to serving you an energetic container and making mind blowing shifts in your business and mindset. Let’s get started cause I am ready for you!

 In Her Words...

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The reality is where your energy goes your business grows. start showing up for her.

Together, we will create a strategic plan to achieve specific milestones within your business. With my intuitive guidance, +15 years of business acumen, you’ll feel better equipped to make decisions and lead your next 6 months with rooted confidence.

Above all else, you will operate from an empowered space, so that you are energized to drive momentum and create your opportunities. Everyone is on their own path⁣. These intensives meet you where you are, honoring your current path, and guiding you towards success. This High Touch Business Intensive will enable you to:

  • Amplify your vision to grow your revenue and create a sustainable business.

  • Accelerate your online business with high touch personalized attention, working one-on-one with yours truly.

  • Uplevel your processes and technology to find the perfect fit for your needs.

  • Scale your business to reach your goals and milestones.

We all have these ‘grace periods’ where we need a boost of energy and sound business advice to reignite the fire in our solar plexus and make us take the actions needed to elevate our next level of attraction, in money, lifestyle and business.

 In Her Words...

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Only 2 Spots Available

From shaping your vision, to building your marketing plan, to picking the best technology that jives with your energy. This is a high touch customized experience where Jennifer strategizes one-on-one with you, bringing her knowledge and expertise with focused eyes on your business. This program helps to cut out the research time and long hours stuck behind a screen, and results in peace of mind with an epic game plan in hand.

Amplifying Your Vision

In this intensive, you will be provided ALL of this in simple, actionable steps, because you deserve:

πŸ’– Customers that are drawn to you and your vision, and resonate with your mission.

πŸ’– Time to do what you love without the burden and stress that comes with a typical 9-to-5 job.

πŸ’– A thriving business that’s growing and bringing in the big bucks without all the BS.

All the perks once you're in

When you sign up, you’ll receive access to:

βœ”οΈ SUPPORT for any and all questions you may have. Jennifer provides you access to personalized email and voice note support for the intensive program.

βœ”οΈ HANDS ON Zoom calls that walk you STEP-BY-STEP in your business, brainstorming sessions, and strategizing.

βœ”οΈ RECORDED sessions, shared as Zoom Replays so you can download and re-watch as you move through your game plan.

Show Up And Scale In 2023

Lead 2021 with a plan and new streams of income. If you have been in the game, you know planning and scaling are the key attributes to truly step into the next stages of entrepreneurship.

Let's partner in strategic sessions to accelerate your business planning. I want you to make energetic space for 2021 you.