Beautiful, it's time to debunk the myths, check resistance at the door, and dive into what promises to be an integral part of our future.


The AI-Powered Woman 

Revolutionize Your Brand & Marketing Output  |  A Masterclass Series with Jennifer Madrid

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Why you need this masterclass:

✅ AI-Driven Content Creation: Master the art of using AI for crafting compelling social media posts, articles, emails, sales pages, and more.

✅ Next-Level Productivity & Output: Discover the AI tool that has been my secret to doubling productivity and streamlining systems since Dec 2023.

✅ Strategic Repurposing: Learn how to breathe new life into existing content, maximizing your content's reach and impact across multiple formats.

✅ Insider Insights: Peek behind the curtain at the apps and systems I rely on to prepare and schedule content efficiently.

Let's GO!

In just 6 months of my solo venture,  I made a pivotal decision

to hire a full-service social media agency. It was a game-changer. Fast forward to 2023, the digital landscape demanded another shift—this time towards AI. Now, operating as a team of one, I've unlocked the power of AI to elevate my personal brand and marketing efforts.

I'm inviting you, a visionary woman, to join me for 3 days that will supercharge the pace at which your marketing operates.

Get behind the scenes of how a seasoned marketing strategist leverages AI for content production.

👉🏽 How do you leverage AI as an extension of your team?
👉🏽 How do you use AI as a partner in your curation activities?
👉🏽 How do you take an idea or model a strategy for your target audience in an hour?

After this masterclass, I no longer entertain the excuse of having a creative block from anyone.


This goes beyond mere AI scripts – leave those for your next reel guru or a basic $9 membership.  My aim is to empower you and sharpen your AI skills for effective marketing  activities.

Are you ready to join? I think that's a HELL YES!

What's in Store for You:

Session 1 - The Power of AI Marketing:

Maximize output with an AI team. We are talking more than just ChatGPT. Think publishing house and systems. Initiate your organizational power within your function or business. Understand the expansive impact that AI will have in your productivity and the history of Gen AI.

Session 2 - Crafting Winning Marketing Strategies with AI: 

Who supports you in brainstorming, well AI does! What took weeks to create - now you can come up with a name for your masterclass, opt-in pages, and the full-on launch assets. Who do you think created this page? 😉 I'll introduce her in the masterclass.

Session 3 - Putting it all Together:

How to Get Started with AI? What are my 3 most coveted approaches for you to embrace habitually and become from basic user to intermediate? Which chatbot will you begin to embody - cause they have personalities too! 

Exclusive Bonuses for Students:

💥 Discounted Pricing to My Favorite AI Tool that I've been rocking since 2023: Elevate your business with the same AI capabilities that transformed mine.

🫂 Expand Your AI Knowledge + Tools for Workflow Optimization: I've distilled this for you so you don't have to sift through all the noise. Get access to the list of preferred tools for production in Gen Ai. 

Join today - you won't regret it

This Masterclass is perfect for:


🌟 Women Entrepreneurs/Solopreneurs: Elevate your personal brand and marketing activities with AI-powered strategies.

🌟 Professionals in Transition: From 9-5 to entrepreneurship, learn how AI can streamline your project distribution and enhance your external communications. Are you starting a strategy on LinkedIn, building a profile for your next landing?

🌟 Content Creators: If you're in the thick of content creation and distribution but haven't yet embraced AI, this is your sign to start. Whether it's for you or your clients or the company you work for.

🌟 Service Providers: Show up for your clients more effectively and efficiently with AI at your side.

🌟 Leaders in Any Field: Women in leadership looking to innovate and lead with intelligence. If you have to produce words and curate experiences. You need to befriend AI. 

Words from your Marketing Strategist, aka Content Creation AI Powered Queen and Creator of She Vibes High

The truth is that to build your marketing arsenal requires discipline, accountability, and direction towards that ONE goal you are trying to accomplish. 

How about if it was more than you? Cue AI personas to be an extension of your team. 

Are you ready to flex yourself into next level attraction?

Well, I invite you to join us for a 3 part course where I show you how AI amplifies your output. 

Get ready to create, to build momentum, practice, and finally be ahead of the content game plan for your next initiative, albeit cultivating community, launching or simply investing in this much needed aspect of your business - marketing messaging via AI. 

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Jennifer Madrid, creator of She Vibes High, supports female leaders in high touch containers providing them custom strategy development to uplevel their business so that they obtain the sales and revenue that they desire. Connect with me on Insta. 

Are You Ready to Become an AI-Powered Woman? LFG!

I am literally making this a no brainer commitment to co-create with me and the She Vibes High Community. Decide and choose. 


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