Hi, I'm Jenn

I serve female entrepreneurs in activating their vision into reality.

Business Strategist turned Business Coach

As a Business Strategist turned Business Coach, I support you in custom strategy and action plans to uplevel your business so that you obtain the sales and revenue that you desire.

Whether you are at the start up stage or are already profitable, I help you amplify your capacity to receive and truly become the boss of your life and business.

I’m a former Senior Marketing Director leading Digital Engagements for Financial Services and Technology firms in high powered NYC with over 15 years of experience in the corporate world. I have hired and led countless digital marketers and contractors, and have managed over 6.5 million digital engagements, working with many of the world’s top agencies. With over a decade of experience in the corporate world, serving marketing clients, and scaling businesses and brands, I know what it takes to build a sustainable, profitable business that fuels your passion rather than depletes it.


After over a decade in the game, moving up the ladder and transitioning between firms, I noticed many signs of a toxic work environment; poor leadership, massive turnover, over extending talent with “seemingly” tight management. It was a battle of ego, desperation for recognition, and people pleasing for validation of success all under the pretense of “loyalty”. I experienced endless manipulation and games that are part of the bureaucracy.

My life became dictated by work complemented by online dating, high end NYC eats, and even more working.

Every manager praised me as an amazing and talented leader, orchestrating their whole team and operations with ease, and considered me the glue of the team. I was regularly promoted into higher and higher positions complete with award recognition and great key relationships. But my stress level signs on my body were escalating. In one year I had 3 major stiff necks, suffered from carpal tunnel, and all over inflammation that was amplified by the many bottles of wine I was consuming per week.

Even though my body was screaming at me to slow down, my Kapha tendencies kept me rooted, loyal to my employers, where I filled over 10 years committed to the companies I worked for. I got invested in seeing projects come to fruition and chased success in my projections above and beyond the goals that were set.

The “aha” moment was when I was overlooked as a candidate for an executive position, leading a team I had already been leading as interim for 9 months. In that moment, I knew my loyalty to the company I was with was undeserving and not being returned.

I spent countless hours dreaming about lifestyle desires I wanted to achieve, and how what I was investing in then was not helping me reach those goals. There was a disconnect between the reality I had and the reality I wanted, and I didn’t know how to get off the hamster wheel elegantly.


Arguably it was time WAY before. However, I was attached, in my comfort zone, money was thrown at me in all areas, bonuses here and there that kept me rooted longer than I should have been. And even after that “aha” moment, I still wasn’t quite ready to make my exit.

So, life happened to me. I got severenced, but even then, I still didn’t hear the message. I was desiring a change but wasn't ready to cope with what that meant. Rather my ego was hit with the severance, and I turned inward.

I decided to take time to travel and clear my head, but my prior world continued to creep in - LinkedIn messages, former contacts proposing appetizing dollar fulfilling dreams, new opportunities that led to interviews via Zoom and seeing the 10 min trailer of a life and job so unappetizing.

I'm lucky enough to say now that the universe revealed a grander plan for me.

I landed in Bali.

Bali was a truly enlightening experience. At the time, I had done it all: the jobs, the promotions, the opportunities, the salaries, the apartments, the furniture, the clothes... and I still hadn’t found the magic of being alive. But I DID feel ALIVE in Bali - in the freedom from a restrictive schedule, in setting my own day according to my energy, in meeting people and holding valuable stories of our growth.

This is what mattered. Human connection and our soul evolution and the cultivation of love.

My time in Bali led to such huge healing and mindset shifts in my life. I’d never considered myself an activist, but on this transformational journey I cultivated a deep passion to the rise of the feminine. I believed (and still believe) down at a soul level that the way we are going to shift the trajectory of this planet is by women like ourselves, owning our power. After so many years operating under the male dominated “be seen and not heard” campaign, I founded She Vibes High.

She Vibes High seeks to build the inner confidence and wisdom that we were born to lead from. It is time to take ownership of your life and create the life YOU want.

I vibrate on a whole ‘nother level when I’m supporting the financial powerhouse in you. You see for me, you are the whole package! The rise for your leadership is paramount and potent at this time. And in order to expand in breath and reach, I want you to increase all levels of self, money, autonomy and freedom. This requires marketing, digital and technology expertise to prepare for the future of your business as well as a balanced pysch; energy, and mindset.

My eyes light up when I immerse myself in digital strategy, operations and client attraction strategies for your brand. It sends me over the moon!

MY MISSION IS TO ACTIVATE THE HEALING NECESSARY TO RADICALLY CHANGE YOUR MINDSET SO YOU CAN BEGIN TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FROM A SENSE OF INNER KNOWING. My shift away from corporate to working with small business owners, coaches, and spiritual entrepreneurs is rooted in the impact that good leadership and service offers. I was placed on this earth to connect. Connect with women to guide them to achieve a connection through their inner strength and embracing their wildness. I support humans in breaking free of all the bullshit stories that weigh us down. I hold space for you to be heard and seen as you redefine your identity and make choices from that inner power.

Now, as I help women entrepreneurs amplify and accelerate their vision and business, I also help you through your journey to creating the next chapters of your life, and being a boss in your life begins with taking the first step and committing to getting started.

We do not simply implement strategies, rather we embody the energy and mindset that will allow these strategies to work for your business. I marry mindset + digital marketing to ignite you to start your soul centered business that provides you the freedom lifestyle you deserve. My programs are all designed to empower you with community and positive energy.

I look forward to working with you and helping you make the necessary shifts in your business & mindset that will align and empower you!

xo, jenn

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