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It's time to debunk the myths, check resistance at the door, & dive into what promises to be an integral part of our future. We begin Apr 17-19th 12pm ET. 

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  • 62%  Women of Color
  • 64%  Started their 1st Business
  • 58%  Experienced their 1st Coaching program with us
  • 50%  Corporate Women 
  • 25%  Badass Mothers

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Results stem from a solid marketing strategy that is comprehensive and intentional. And we know that you might not have the time or expertise to plan, do the research and analysis to decide on your go-to-market across channels. Well, this is where we come in.



We provide online and in-person experiences across NYC and Mexico City that range from masterclasses, workshops, group coaching programs, 1.1 partnerships, and retreats. We support women in cultivating leadership skills with the confidence to transition to their next level opportunity. 

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Hello, I'm Jennifer Madrid,

Business Marketing Strategist and Leadership Coach

And Creator of She Vibes High, a platform for female leadership. I support you in market strategy development to uplevel your business so that you obtain the sales and revenue that you desire. I am ready to show you what you are truly made of.

Whether you are at the start up stage or are already profitable, I help you amplify your capacity to receive and truly become the boss of your life and business through proven marketing and sales strategies. So, that we are clear - we are doing more than Instagram here.  Product positioning, brand messaging, and marketing are critical in today's market and a missing component where small business owners fall short. I ensure you don't fall asleep on addressing integral components to unlock business growth.

I am extremely passionate about Marketing and educating you on how it can serve you beyond belief. I want you to redefine your relationship it and harness your power in the marketplace. With 2 degrees in Business plus 16+ years working in Marketing & Sales in Financial Services in high-powered NYC - I've seen and witnessed powerful budgets and the strength of brand marketing and research to merit results. Even had a dip in agency life, pitching marketing and sales solutions for businesses. 

Business is wild and your leadership depends on it. You deserve to succeed and build the foundational concepts albeit joining my online or IRL experiences and/or hiring me for strategic consulting. The key is to get in the game and make smart moves and I'd love to partner with you.

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Align to Activate

A 6-month online group experience supporting early stage entrepreneurs in clarifying their target market, cultivating the confidence, and internal belief for their brand expression by building an online program to a profitable business.  Join our 6th cohort in 2024.

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VIP Days 
CDMX + Online

Choose to fly out to Mexico City and we will curate a 1 - 3 day VIP experience to support your business, career transition, and renewal. We get to work and also enjoy the luxuries and energy of Mexico. Also, avail online.

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One-on-One Coaching

3-month and 6-month coaching experiences. The most customized and intimate offer for you. Big transformations and acceleration occur here.

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