The 5 Stages You Move Through As An Entrepreneur

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I see you on your entrepreneurial journey babe. ⁠

You're a badass with an epic idea or two, ready to take on the world and follow your dreams. I feel the intensity right now from so many souls like yourself empowering their dreams into reality every day. ⁠I am SO here for that! Nothing makes me happier than to see you dance and OWN your magnificence. ⁠


But, have you ever questioned why you haven't moved to the next stage of a goal, a project, life? 

I am not talking about forcing something into your life but rather a disconnect when you can vividly see the lifestyle you want, the finish line, the light, but instead you choose to walk at a turtle pace? It happens to us all. It's very limiting, and oftentimes we get into our own ways by stopping ourselves.

It's time to push past your own resistance.

The only thing that is ever in your way to achieving freedom is you.

Now's the moment. Now is the time to accept that life is designed for you to make choices and realize that you sit more in the space of excuses. All you need to do is shift into the energy of making choices and stop making excuses. Stop replaying the same desires in your mind but rather place things into motion. Be clear in your visualizations, in your intentions in your heart and in your goals. Clarity and Momentum are the two beloved acts to adopt.

You are amazing, powerful and freaking awesome. Be a champion and make that shit happen. If you can see it in your mind you can create it in your life. Period.

Make a choice. Commit. And now that you're ready to step forward & become an entrepreneur, you may find you go through 6 stages:⁠


It all starts with a gut feeling, a pull, an image, a taste, an experience. A little nagging in the back of your mind (or heart 😉) telling you that you're meant for more. You're meant to follow your heart always.

This deep remembering is your soul calling you, pulling you into your next phase. Pick up the phone babe, and get ready to step into this space of remembering and growth.


The self-doubt is real here. We all go through a period of reflection where we wonder if others will gravitate to our ideas, if our ideas and execution are worth the price we've set. We worry we didn't price our offers correctly. We doubt our own success & ambition. Stop-stop-stop!

We have to let go of these limiting beliefs. The key here is to question those self-doubting thoughts and ask is it true? ⁠How are those proven wrong each day? Self acceptance + confidence will increase as you do the act. Next time you question your offering, know that you are doubting who you are becoming. And we cannot have that. I invite you to step in powerfully into this space and fully arrive into this level of self leadership.


Once our mind is in the right space, we begin to follow our passion. We find joy in the mundane tasks, knowing that we're in it to win it! We are being divinely guided & trusting our gifts. We begin to recognize that we are so deserving of all abundance.⁠ The self- worth is increasing as you align more and more each day.


Our vision begins to take shape, we start to map out goals + milestones. We come up with names, branding, all the fun creatives. We get excited about the impact we are about to activate. We are social butterflies spreading our vision. ⁠The magnetism begins. Let’s be real clear on your soul led business - people do not buy products or services. People buy experiences and that experience is YOU. Don’t question your truth, but rather bring it forward. Take a deep breath, exhale and lean into the fact that your self acceptance and full a** expression is the key to your magnetism.


Game Plan

It's time to hit the ground running! Now is the time we research, set processes, roll out strategies & begin to form our action plan. We've narrowed the tech we need to accelerate & elevate our vision. Our biz takes shape. ⁠You become rooted. We are all here for it! Your community will gravitate to the stories, the experiences, the realness of your business, of your message. Your unique style, voice, and values - they represent the brand that your people want and connect with powerfully. And guess what, that bad boy gets to evolve as you reach higher depths in your journey.


Our business is established, we're bringing in clients & now it's time to plan for the future! Now is the moment to think about the following questions:

  • What are the next programs?

  • How can I continue to attract dream clients & the lifestyle I deserve?

  • Am I ready to bring on support?

  • What's the next step for me in my business?

  • Where do I want to go next?

When you think about the answers to these questions, the opportunities are endless. The ball is in your court. ⁣This is where transformation occurs.


We all go through the growing pains, the worries and concerns about what the future may hold, you have got this! We are rising, we are ascending all in the name of love and growth. ⁣❤️ It’s a gift to witness our own process of coming into our own wisdom, our own truth, our own power. ⁣Believe in yourself. ⁣I believe in you. 

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