It's Time to Say ADIOS to Your Scarcity Mindset and Welcome Abundance

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It's time we start owning our abundance.

You are capable and deserving of it, it's just a matter of stepping into that mindset, embodying the energy & owning it. JUST! That "just" has so much around it right, especially if you have been conditioned + programmed to operate from lack - kill joy here - we all have! 

You'll often hear that in order to have abundance or to make mindset shifts, you have to wake up before even the crows are awake, jump up ready to tackle the day like you didn't just get 6 hours of sleep and will the world to go your way. 

Here's the thing - even I don't buy that sh*t. What I do honor is discipline and consistency. I am a Manifesting Generator and I fully believe that when you shift your mindset and focus on what you want to achieve, you can make it happen. I believe in your own self mastery. I honor that we are all unique and yes there are "best practices" but you still have to crave your own path. 

Cause it's yours. What works for ol' girl, doesn't always work for you. I do believe that you need discipline. I do believe that you have poor habits. And that's the truth! 


So babe, ready to own your abundance? Here's 8 tips to get you started!


Even better, focus on the areas where things are going right & don't dwell on anything less than. Be your cheerleader. Adopt an awareness practice that allows you to see these daily. I love visualizations, I am a daydreamer by heart and so this practice has been enriched by embodying the lifestyle and energy I desire. Reduce complaining and stop adding energy to what you currently see as lack. 

Instead, pivot. Be the observer. It's an active retraining that you can do and will seamlessly transition in time. 


When we live in scarcity, we hold our resources closer to us. Don't be afraid to share what you have with others to help lift them up. Expressing your gifts and service to others is the highest expression of the law of Dharma. 

The law of Dharma is a 3 part dive to:⁣⁠

1️⃣  Discover your true self ⁣⁠

2️⃣  Express your unique talents⁣⁠

3️⃣  Share those gifts to bring happiness to you and others⁣⁠

#2 and #3 are specifically intertwined to provide the fulfillment and joy in your life. To simply identify and not express is agony to your soul and is the awakening transformational process. ⁣⁠ When you give to others, it’s an instant mood booster, BUT.... that said....


As women, we're naturally giving and often give too much before we take time out for ourselves. It's so important to make yourself a priority, you know this already - now actually do it. 

If you're feeling rushed and always on edge, take the time to slow down. This means focusing on one task at a time but if you're not feeling it then let it be. It's OK to go with the motion. If you're setting expectations and due dates for yourself, consider being more flexible here or even adding extra time. Reset and recalibrate - you deserve it. Babe, when you rest - you come out even better on the other side. And remember to savor the moments of silence, when you've completed a task, before moving on to the next thing. ⁠⠀


No more worrying about maximizing, focus instead of maximizing the quality so you receive the best, not the most. First master the basics. The basics of your business are the foundation in which you build and scale on. Those early systems and technologies you implement, the strategies and plans you put into motion - these are all critical to seeing growth. ⁠Then move onto the next step. Take time to grow slowly, intentionally, and with clarity.


To yourself, to your supporters, and even to the universe. When you put good out, you get good in.

Instead of focusing on what is NOT, let’s focus on what is. Recognize & celebrate your small wins. ⁣Show up consistently for yourself & inspire others through your leadership. ⁣

Life is a practice - a very long practice but one we are equipped to lead. ⁣

So, remind yourself to feel joy, create & celebrate your wins, the small & the large. ⁣I rise each morning and raise my hands to the center of my forehead and say ‘Thank you’ ‘Thank you for this day, for this body, for this life, for this breath.’


Journaling is a great way to keep track of these moments of gratitude and appreciation when they happen. Write down every item of gratitude, even something as minor as "Oh thank god, there's still one cup of coffee left."

I am not a daily journaler and know many women that are and it makes sense how powerful it is. I challenge you to access prompts that really expand you. Deep self inquiry really is the practice of awakening and liberation. 

What I also love about journaling is the acknowledgement of the good that is coming at you each day from your changes. List them, voice them, accept them and be proud of your awakenings, of you no longer being a rookie & of your own discernment and conviction of self.


Negative thoughts such as envy, or feeling threatened by other strong women showing up and succeeding, while valid, are toxic and only drain you. It’s time to let those go.

I find that when you are making shifts in your life and frustrated with what is, it's time to stretch your intuition, to work on those creative projects and to tap into the love that you are.⁣⁠

Spend time meditating and connecting with your spirit body. Give your soul a chance to speak and ask it what it needs. Spend time cleansing and nourishing it.⁣⁠


Abundance manifests in unexpected ways, often as small wins that are overlooked. Check that journal & notice how quickly the gratitude pours onto the pages from even the smallest thing. And most importantly, start believing in yourself again.

The belief of self is the absolute key to everything in your life. ⁣⁣ When we strengthen our relationship to self; that is when the doors to your abundance truly open. ⁣⁣⁠

You see, we don’t create abundance. It is always there. ⁣⁣⁠

It’s our creation of limitations that make us blind to the abundance that is forever present. ⁣⁣⁠That is why walking the path of self discovery is all about increasing our self worth daily.⁣⁣⁠

So tell me - are you ready to step into abundance and say ADIOS to scarcity?  A big BYE to that limiting belief?

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