How Working Intuitively Can Help Entrepreneurs Achieve Ideal Work-Life Balance

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Girl, put down that laptop! Remember the days when you felt stuck and you dreamed of working for yourself, so you’d never deal with that feeling again? Whether you were trapped in a dead-end job, trapped in a toxic team/boss, or scrambling your family around at home full-time, you DID NOT create your business only to fall back into that trap again. Right?

I see it all the time with my clients and people I follow on social media. They show up, they hustle, they forge their own grind. They do all the things they believe they HAVE to...and they still just end up running in place on that hamster wheel every single day. Entrepreneurs cannot survive like this for the long haul. Look, hustle happens. I’m not saying it’s never going to not creep up on you every now and then. It will, but as CEOs, we owe it to ourselves to build a SUSTAINABLE company from day one.

Are you ready to be the architect of your own schedule and finally achieve the work-life balance you’ve always chased after?


I don’t know how you feel about stats, but in this case, this information is so important to recognize. In our culture, we’re not only encouraged to clock in long hours, accept unlivable wages, and work with others in environments that benefit only the company’s bottom line. It’s also still widely accepted to participate in this rat race for YEARS. So many of us do it in hopes that someone else will give us that grand promotion that will surely solve all of these problems.

According to HealthCareers, 48% of Americans see themselves as workaholics while 66% of those workers completely lack work-life balance. All of this unsurprisingly results in 77% of all full-time workers feeling burnout right now in their current role.

People sign away their adult lives, say no to things they yearn to explore, and hold off their desires all the time. It’s certainly normal to do this. But why is it so abnormal to want a better, freer, and divine life on our own terms? I don’t bring all this up to alarm you. Really, I just want to shine a bright light on the unhealthy circumstances of the work culture you’ve been conditioned to accept.

Is this really how you want to work as your own boss? Shouldn’t we entrepreneurs owe it to at least ourselves to find the balance once and for all? I think so!


Creating a thriving environment and attaining the ideal work-life balance yourself requires a few things. Most importantly, rethinking how you work! When you learn to intuitively work from your power and your energy, your dream clients will be able to feel that. They will be inspired to work with you. This is authentic magnetism that you possess. 

Working intuitively helps you attract the life, the clients, and the work you want. Beyond that, finding that right balance between your needs and your business’ needs will help you to become more organized and structured, allowing you to feel energized and recharged for each and every day. This is really the only way to work nowadays. We collectively lost a lot last year: time, laughs with friends or the family, business, and money. But all of that doesn’t have to be absent for 2021.

Let me know if this vibes with what you want:

  • A schedule full of soulmate clients and creative free time

  • Working with soulmate clients

  • Being the architect of your own schedule

  • Working from anywhere you dream

When you work intuitively, the hustle and grind fall away behind the life you used to dream about. 


Reframe any limiting thoughts holding you back and let go of the self sabotage. Acknowledge that you're worthy of everything you attract in your life. So from now on, if you have a negative thought pop into your head, replace that bad boy with a positive one! 

Reorienting a healthy framework for your thoughts is one of the only ways to attract success to you, your life, and your business. It can feel easier said than done, though. If that’s the case, recruit a soul sister or hit me up. It's amazing what a good conversation infused with energy can do for your day.


Another way to help you get to where you want is to look at the smaller things, so you can set yourself up for all that success. Looking outward to some of the habits that come to you like second nature is a great option to consider. Think about what fires you up! If you have trouble finding this, seek out the small rituals you look forward to every single day when you get out of bed. What makes you feel good and ready to work?

Personally, I LOVE starting my day off with a big glass of water. My skin and body always feel so revitalized and ready to take on the day. If you’re a fellow coffee fan like me, try drinking a glass of water BEFORE your first cup of coffee. It’ll never taste better than after that water. 

Another thing I do is movement. Honestly, there’s nothing as magical about starting your day with some energetic dancing or relaxing stretches. Whether that looks like your latest Spotify playlist and jamming out in the kitchen as I often do. Get into it. 

Ever been to one of those hype networking and self-love events? It's all about the physiology and the hype that you can create from your own energetic being. For some of you, that might be yoga, stretching, HIIT, or simply jumping up and down. Without fail, it brings out a beautiful energy for you to kick it up a notch. And, no, you don't have to do this at 5AM — I'm not about that life.

Your fire is within you and I know that if you are serious about taking control of your business and making it happen, then it will be life-changing for you. These are just simple steps on how to reclaim your power and pour into your cup! Imagine how much MORE fired-up you'll be once you've taken care of yourself before you get into your clients’ activities. Exactly. I can feel all of that relief. This will allow you to make an energetic space to tackle all your activities and get the tech in place that turns your biz into a smooth running machine!

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