5 Ways To Embrace Change And Uplevel Your Business

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You are undeniably brave. 

You’ve made it through all of the challenges that life has handed you so far. You have taken steps that might have been out of your comfort zone and made changes to your life that you may not have been ready for. 

You have built a warrior's heart and strengthened your emotional capacity along the way. It has not been easy. It’s change. It’s uncomfortable. It’s unpredictable. 

So, how do you take the elevator up to the top floor with ease and continue to embrace change? You have been doing it already. By breathing and recognizing that change is inevitable but can be exciting, and how you respond to that change sets the tone. By cultivating a new relationship with it in your life. By dancing with the unknown you have gained a lot. 

It’s hard to know what other changes are to come, but when you get in the habit of shedding away the things that no longer bring purpose to your life, you begin to reveal the clarity you are seeking. 

Here are 5 ways to step into clarity and start leveling up in your life and your business:


I am all about the power of manifesting your reality, what's important is what energy you are in when this occurs. When change is upon you, can you anchor yourself from a space of optimism? Can you choose excitement when you are about to level up?

Choose to approach change from a space of curiosity. Open yourself up to the unknown and step forward on the faith of your intuition. At this point in the game, I do not question my intuition. I just act when she speaks. ⁣

When you run a soul led business, this becomes your go to strategy, to hone in on your energy, welcome curiosity, and  connect with the source on your next moves. ⁣


Whether that is setting goals, initiating a ritual for the new experience or venture. How can you speak it into existence and believe in your intention and allow others to sign up and support you?

The willingness to live with unknowns in order to explore life is at the heart of entrepreneurship. ⁣And the willingness to step into change knowing that if you don’t prioritize your life, some other force will. ⁣

This same conviction is the energy of an entrepreneur. The energy of a leader. The energy of a change maker. The energy of light workers. The energy of all beings that are seeking to contribute and provide massive impact even when social structures place walls, and the majority do not understand what you are doing.⁣


When you are overwhelmed. Shut it down. Spend some time in solitude and silence. This is a non-negotiable. Listen and tap into what your body and energy are calling for. As a soul led woman, you must honor and get to know yourself and your cycles and build in time for this in your life and business. 


This clearing in all areas of your life will serve your highest good. If you feel a familiar energy lingering from the past, do what you do best to help transmute that energy. On top of your own inner workings, do you have an entourage to support your clearing process? Self care and community care go hand in hand. Get you some. 


Trust yourself and spirit that what is for you will arrive in due time. Have reverence, respect and patience for your own path in life and entrepreneurship, and surrender to the process.

I am working on releasing what no longer serves me — are you?⁣ Cheers to you for standing up strong and taking a leap into the unknown and saying yes to a process that asks you to:⁣

  • grieve a prior you⁣

  • release relationships⁣

  • feel uncomfortable⁣

  • grow at speeds that you are unfamiliar with⁣

  • become vulnerable and swim in emotions that bring you to your knees⁣

And let's just say it - a life that you deserve with no rules and no manual. ⁣Identifying what you want is one thing, saying what you want out loud is another, but believing it’s possible is next level. ⁠The fear of not fully owning what you want is the next level soul shift. ⁠

Is it possible that your being is protecting you from embodying your next uplevel?⁠

The answer is YES with caps. ⁠


You chose to live this life. It is a choice to continuously stay immersed in stagnant energy and rather shift it to your highest good. So you can have a greater impact. You always can choose to adopt and cultivate a toolbox that supports you everyday to be brave with your life. You have the power to level-up and invite people and experiences that will radically shift your trajectory of life.  

If you’re committed to growth of self and your business, then I invite you to book a call so I can witness the grander vision of your life and be inspired by your future creations.

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