3 Ways to Transform Your Business

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There’s this aesthetic most new entrepreneurs so easily buy into in the beginning. All of us on social media (intentionally or not) actually help perpetuate this as truth, a mirage that our success will naturally trickle to everyone (eventually). At least to some extent. While this can be dangerous for people just starting to weave together the basic pattern of their entrepreneurial story, it’s really simple to deconstruct it once you become aware of it.

Has anyone ever told you to not compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 25? If not, that basically means that it’s not a good idea to idealize or compare your journey with someone else’s. It’s likely that you don’t know their full story (or are only seeing the best highlights of it). 

We all will visualize different versions of what that middle chapter may look like. While that creates a little bit of chaos that feels hard to break through, there are a few things that any entrepreneur caught up in this can do to help themselves slip off those rose-colored glasses (they’re cute, though!).


Oh look, someone else telling you to hire a coach. How quaint, right? But honestly consider the possible reasons you’re either resistant or wary of this. There’s a reason why we all get blue in the face with this. If you’re lost at sea, you’d hope another boat with a GPS cruises by with a life jacket, right? Maybe that’s a bit extreme of an anecdote, but I hope the point is clear. 

All of us start out somewhere. For a lot of entrepreneurs, it’s from scratch without a clue. While a lucky few may have a head start and have their expertise to fall back on. The rest of us, we start somewhere in between. Personally, I relied on my 15+ years’ experience in business strategy from my day job in corporate America. But guess what? That head start always has an ending. I ran my first year of business without the support of a coach, and I eventually felt the sting of feeling lost—stranded with no clue in sight.

Listen, there are many functioning entrepreneurs out there running profitable businesses without a coach. That’s the truth. But how many more are like me when I didn’t have a coach to lean on, to learn from? Seeking out someone who’s walked where you have not only saved my business, it transformed my entire life.


The key to finding success in any area of your life or your business is support. Community and accountability, wherever you can find it, can help keep you motivated for more, show you how to tighten up your business and save time, and even create a network of people you can rely on when you just need someone to vent or talk to.

Before I found my tribe, the people who aligned with my soul and helped me unlocked the success I have today, here’s what my business’ year-one looked like. I was stuck paying $3k a month for a place in Brooklyn in the heart of a coveted neighborhood right by the water. Things like excess and stress weighed me down, stopping me from reaching things I wanted and exploring to places I needed to seek out. And honestly, I was just plain unhappy. I’m not saying this is everyone’s chapter one, but I know (at least for a lot of people) it seriously reflects like a mirror. 

As you begin building this support system, you’ll start to see that relationships are at the core of life itself (and your business). You begin to understand the importance of cultivating them naturally...in all that you do. And while my first year in business certainly wasn’t devoid of support, there is so much I could have figured out sooner had that system been stronger.


Since that first year for me, the most important lesson I’ve learned is taking action for ME. In order for me to do that, I had a few things I had to do. The first step? LET GO to prepare for the new, I needed to say goodbye to some of the old. Those things holding me back or keeping me unhappy? Buh-bye! They no longer fit into my story.

Learning WHAT to let go of can sometimes feel harder to achieve than knowing HOW to let go of things (or someone). Cue that wonderful support system I mentioned up there. When you surround yourself with people who are WITH you and are there for you, you have something precious: the opportunity to ask for help. ⁣So much of what we don’t experience is because of what we don’t let go. Let that sink in.⁣⁠


All that said, I needed to invest in supportive containers to witness my growth and transformation. I knew nothing about the online coaching space. I will go on record that I didn’t even know the top dogs. However, if I wanted to play in a new space and cultivate online experiences I needed to participate and observe and be witness to it’s magic and expand my vision on what I could offer the world. 

Support is an energetic bridge that has various levels. Many of us have to actively work through the struggles or setbacks that come our way. as we have been conditioned to do things on our own.⁠ But we’ve been conditioned to do things on our own. Once you drop into your worth and discern the support you’d like, THAT is when you truly and authentically level up your life and transform your business. ⁠

Are you ready to truly let go of aspects of your life to allow for things you cannot even imagine?⁣ ⁣Do not be afraid. Loosen the grip. Let go of the control. Answer the call.

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