You’ve done the vision board. You're ready to actually see it happen.

VISUALIZE YOUR FUTURE SELF is the 6-week sprint that’ll hold you accountable in clarifying exactly who you want to become, create a practical plan to take action, and step into the identity to claim it. Every. Damn. Day. Begin June 7th.

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You’ve done the vision board.  You're ready to actually see it happen.

VISUALIZE YOUR FUTURE SELF is the 6-week sprint that’ll hold you accountable in clarifying exactly who you want to become, create a practical plan to take action, and step into the identity to claim it. Every. Damn. Day. Begin June 7th.

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The fact is ...

You don’t need to read another self-help book. You’re familiar with “manifestation” and that you “create your own reality”. The quantum universe excites you, but you’re still stuck on actually practicing the preach.

And by practice the preach –


And you’ve thought about it –
As a highly conscious high achiever, you dream BIG for yourself, and understand that it’s going to take ‘mindset’ AND action.

But you always get carried away in your current day-to-day reality. Leaving little time to consciously create CONSISTENTLY. Maybe because of fear, feeling that you already ‘have it pretty good,’ or doubt that you can make it happen. 

We get it. 

And we’re not here to tell you it’s going to be easy. But that’s okay. You don’t need easy. You just need possible. 

If you want to commit to a structured framework that you don’t sidetrack or just do on the odd weekend – one where you’re in the driver’s seat of your future self DAILY. It’s beyond possible. 

And if you’re letting yourself toy with the idea of upgrading a major aspect of your life - whether it be in your health, financial situation, or your personal relationships.

We have news for you.

It's possible to build momentum.

Your clarity, focus, and excitement are 'bout to skyrocket! 

Let's GO!
But I'm not sure this will work ...

Hey, it’s normal to question yet ANOTHER attempt to ‘change your life’. Heck, we’ve been there with less-than-stellar attempts too. Where you’re excited and motivated one minute, and by Friday you’ve totally dropped the ball and it’s back to the same old song. And in a world of social media that acts like ‘the law of attraction’ is magic, we admire your hesitation.

But think about it this way.

Instead of:

  • Having to report to one no but yourself on the changes you want to bring about
  • Squeezing in time on weekends or in the evening for your daydreams
  • Wishing you could actually commit to taking action while believing it’s possible
  • Quiet quitting (yep, that’s a HOT word right now)
  • Spending your valuable time going through the motions & acquiring more information you’re not really using
  • Staying in your current reality because you don’t have time to change

You will:

  • Gain precise clarity about both your micro & macro goals (we’re talking about like in the next 60-180 days as well as a few years into the future)
  • Rely on a simple yet structured framework to un-stuck yourself
  • Show up each day feeling on fire for the day ahead
  • Be fully engaged in your daily mindset practice, because it means something to you (& it actually works)
  • Have accountability & community so you can’t fail
  • Start showing up for yourself like you are worthy in every moment (because you are)


The 6-week sprint for high-achieving women who are ready to DO the work to actually see measurable change in their lives - not just understand how it could work. Now you just need the structured framework + daily accountability to go all in.

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How we make the visualization magic happen – without another self-help book ;)

This is the only sprint in 2023 that takes accountability to the next level. You have not 1, but 2 women on your team.

You have Jennifer, your corporate-turned-entrepreneur money-mindset consultant, who's been there and made it happen (now making it happen for women on the reg).

And Kiki, your health coach, who's helped 100s of women return to their ideal, balanced weight without going on another diet. 

Inside the Program


You can’t create what you’re not sure about. Before we can move forward, we need to address resistance and gain clarity so that you can feel confident moving forward

  • Shift into Action

Then we’ll move into what you want. You need clarity on what you want, but also a foundational plan to make sure your new life is going to be aligned with your goals and values for your day-to-day.


‘Can I actually make this happen?’  Look, we’re not letting you waste your time in vague meditations and fluffy mindset work before we map out your path to success. This involves knowing your numbers, timelines, reframing your mindset around what’s possible, and talking about (unsexy) security.

  • Shift into Action

Afterward, we’ll talk about how your daily practices (led DAILY by us!) will get you there. Your values. Your mission. All of the big-picture stuff that’s necessary if you want a life that evolves and continuously supports these newly clarified goals.


You know what you need, now let’s make it real. By taking you on guided meditations & visualizations for your big-picture, longer-term future self, you will see that it’s not just possible – but it’s highly attainable.

  • Shift into Action

Then, it’s all you. We’ll help you create larger-scale action steps that work for your lifestyle. This way, you have a clear path for what you have to do to start operating as your future self, while still being present to your current reality.


Being your future self is new for you. You’re showing up differently. This could feel exciting, scary, or both. But one thing is for sure– to evolve in the direction of your goals, you have to own your choices, boundaries, and discipline.

  • Shift into Action

By recognizing what’s working as well as what’s not, you can start to uncover what will propel you forward, faster. How you want to show up. The actions you are already capable of taking. We’ll then show you how to reiterate so it feels juicy (not just another thing to get done).


Sh*t’s starting to feel real. You’re building juicy momentum. You’re facing discomfort and leaning into it. This week is all about chunking the vision down into micro-goals for UBER specific visualizations that feel SCARY REAL, showing you how to deal with perfectionism, impostor syndrome, and doubt as you literally change your life.

  • Shift into Action

Because once you realize how much power is inside of you, you can start to welcome the teeny tiny daily habits & no-excuses rituals that have you in the driver seat of actually witnessing change…like, NOW. This is something you look forward to, because it’s real AF and incredibly worth it.


You are going deep in these 6 weeks, now it’s time to make sure everything sticks so you’re bursting with confidence to continue to make it happen. By empowering you to shout your dreams from the rooftops, act accordingly, and go all in –nothing can stop you from abundance mode

  • Shift into Action

And your circumstances around you will feel that shift. By consciously recognizing your downloads, getting support on exactly how to adjust to the changes (& vice-versa), you will be able to maintain your practice with ease - and enjoy the outcomes.


  • 90-Minute Group Zoom Calls (4x)
  • 15 Minutes DAILY to Shift (Weeks 3-5 Exclusively)
  • 2 x Spotlight 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Jennifer & Kiki
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16+ years working in Marketing & Sales in Financial Services in high-powered NYC, making roughly 300K a year. The dream. Right? Well, that’s complicated.

The reality is that my high performing a** had burnout, and life was sending strong clues for change. So, I declined my full-time offer to another finserv company and packed my bags for what was a year's sabbatical in Bali.

In a year, I launched my coaching business, secured my 1st 10 clients, and brought in 6 figures. And here’s where things get even better. That year turned into an ‘I’m never going back.’ Now, I have multiple programs and get to help women create powerful transitions of welcoming in freedom, ease, and wealth in their lives.


 I’ve spent the past 3 years helping smart women conquer emotional eating and practice healthy, balanced eating (& living!) with consistency and ease - even in the face of life’s challenges.

I created The Gut Brain Integration method to help women take control of their cravings and hunger, so eating no longer feels like an internal battle and they are finally able to shed any excess fat they were holding onto.

In fact, I’ve worked with hundreds of women to free themselves from non-stop thinking about food and turned them into naturally balanced women who are confident about their bodies!



“You have too strong of a personality for the role”
– yep, that’s a real rejection I faced when applying to what I thought was my dream position. 

So I said ‘f*ck it’ and started my own copywriting business straight out of college. I had always loved to write, had a degree in marketing, and wanted to help other ‘too strong’ women make bank. I matched proposed corporate salaries in 90 days. Built a 6-figure business at age 22. And I’m on track to hit multiple 6-figures this year. More importantly, I use the power of messaging to empower my clients to scale beyond the 7-figure mark with marketing, words, and offers that make their service-based business stand out online. 

If you’re in, I can’t wait to add you to my roster of success stories. 

I'm ready to receive support
To be clear about your future automatically creates a new standard –

We want you to achieve great clarity so you can choose who you become. Your new identity your future self– is what shapes your actions, habits, and behavior's.  More than clarity you are going to commit to this powerful person. 

Power moves in 6 weeks that set you up for the full year. 

In 2023, you invest in peak experiences that produce progress towards your future self. Period.

Who This Is For

You Are:

  • A woman who wants to be accountable to her wealth, health, and relationship goals
  • Excited to audit her life, commit and decide on powerful shifts 
  • Currently working on consistency and routines in her life and attracting aligned opportunities
  • A successful woman albeit it an entrepreneur, creative, freelancer or  rockin’ a high-paying corporate job - all are welcomed
  • A female leader who is committed to thriving, setting a new standard and is all in on her worth game
  • Ready to be supported by a group of badass women who are in the exact same spot as you 

You Are Not Right, If You Are:

  • Resisting to adopt a framework for change and answer hard questions to garner change
  • Too 'busy' with life and seemingly cannot prioritize herself even though her body is screaming her to do so
  • Looking for a quick fix that comes easy or does not want to actively engage and participate in HER future
  • Happy to redo and keep the same habits and behavior's of  '2022' in 2023
  • Not currently looking for community as you take on massive transitions
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By combining identity shifts with daily powerful visualizations, you’re actively becoming your future self now  — you’re actually building momentum. And that’s where the power lies. 

If you’re ready, we’re ready to be a part of your ‘year where everything changed.'

By signing up for Visualize Your Future Self, you will receive:  

  • 6 Weeks of High-Impact Coaching and Becoming Your Future Self with Clarity + Focus
  •  x4 90-Minute Combined Mindset + Action Group Zoom Calls 
  • Serious Identity Shifting with Visualizations and Accountability
  • 2 Women Celebrating You Massively
  •  A community of women starting a new chapter in 2023
Join the Summer Edition

What they are saying ...



If you’re ready, we’re ready to be a part of your
‘Year Where Everything Changed.’


$997 USD


  • 4 Live Zoom Calls
  • 15 Minutes DAILY to Shift (Weeks 3-5 Exclusively)
  • 2 x Spotlight 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Jennifer & Kiki
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  • 4 Live Zoom Calls
  • 15 Minutes DAILY to Shift (Weeks 3-5 Exclusively)
  • 2 x Spotlight 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Jennifer & Kiki
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$349 USD


  • 4 Live Zoom Calls
  • 15 Minutes DAILY to Shift (Weeks 3-5 Exclusively)
  • 2 x Spotlight 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Jennifer & Kiki
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